Attorney Fees & Costs

Our law firm fees are set upon the type of service and area of law and complexity of issue. Nevertheless, our office strives to keep our fees low by stressing efficiency and keeping overhead to a minimum.

Payment is due at the first meeting and when the Attorney-Client Agreement is signed. No exceptions.

Depending on the case, a “flat fee” charge may be available. This means that instead of billing you by the hour for however long your case goes on, our firm charge a one-time, all encompassing fee for Attorney services. This type of fee arrangement usually works better for us and our clients.

Our office accepts cash, checks, money orders, and debit/credit cards. Cards do have a 3% processing charge associated with total.

Payment plans on fees over $2,500.00 are available.

Our firm offers a 5% discount on all cash payments.

Competitive rates never mean a reduction in the quality of legal services!


We understand this can be confusing for clients. Here it is in a nutshell:

Attorney’s fees are fees you pay for an Attorney’s time to give you legal advice, counsel you on your rights, research the law on your specific issue, draft and execute legal documents on your behalf and attend Court to fight for you.

Filing Fees are the fees that each County requires a person to pay in order for the Judge to review and hear your case. This includes “e-filing” fees, which are the fees that each county charges you for “electronic submission” of documents to Court. Each Filing Fee is based on the service selected and will be itemized accordingly in your billing statement.


Every case price is subject to case-by-case inspection.

Please call (817) 523-1604 to set up a free consult and confirm current pricing.


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